Contact information

Tcl3D is developed and maintained by Paul Obermeier.

Please send questions, bug reports, patches or any other feedback to

Run the following script before sending bug reports or questions to supply me with information about your environment.

catch { console show }
package require tcl3d
togl .t
# Print information about the Tcl version.
info patch
# Print information about the OS.
parray tcl_platform
# Print information about the Tcl3D modules.
puts [tcl3dGetPackageInfo]
# Print information about the OpenGL driver.
puts [tcl3dOglGetVersions]
# If it's a problem with an OpenGL extension, you should also
# include the output of the following statement:
puts [tcl3dOglGetExtensions]
# If Tcl3D procedures are not found (ex. invalid command name "tcl3dShowPackageInfo")
# print out some low-level information.
parray __tcl3dPkgInfo
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